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Doing business in Dubai can be very lucrative and things may even go your way if you pay more attention in understanding the influences working on an individual market at any one time. Keeping an ear to the ground and maintaining a steady physical presence is essential towards doing successful business in Dubai.

I would suggest visiting business people to research and find out from as many sources of commercial intelligence as possible. You may want to try the embassy lists, the chambers of commerce, official documents and extensive tender lists. Talking to a Dubai-born businessman is the best way to source for information, and the perfect man in a business development role will usually be the one with extensive contacts in the Dubai business community. Given the high budget contacts, it is possible to hear of projects ahead of the rest and long before the tender of documents can be officially purchased. The UAE is one of the most open and freely competitive markets in the world and although the government wants to do business with companies with certain quality standards, much still depends on the inside knowledge.

Donít be surprised of personalities play a vital role in the contract awarding game. The knowledge, accessibility and reputation of one's local associate are often critical factors in determining the final result of the ferocious bidding between large numbers of international companies.

Doing business in UAE can be quite complicated by the distinct character of each emirate. For example, doing business in Dubai can mean your business operations and practises will be conducted at a Western-style pace but it doesnít mean that traditional courtesies are ignored. Abu Dhabi is similar to Dubai; Businessmen operating in Abu Dhabi will face much lower commercial pressures, the pace is steadier and the atmosphere is slightly more traditional. In the smaller emirates excluding Sharjah, the pace of business is generally more traditional. In the recent year, Sharjah, with its fast developing manufacturing sector, to a great extent, seems to be following in the direction Dubai is heading to. However, lessons learned in one emirate may not be applicable in another.

In the case you are unaware, the Dubai government has set up an Economic Department in the year 1992 with the main objective of facilitating and encouraging the development of trade and industry in the emirate. It operates as a one-stop shop for easy business registration. When it receives completed documents and approvals from the respective authorities, a business licence can be issued in just within a few days!

Additionally, the Economic Department is in charge of strategic economic planning for Dubai, the establishment of industry and trade, the execution of statutes relating to commercial and industrial activities, utilizing and making the best out of the resources of the emirate and spreading its sources of revenue.

Lastly, you can see that the government in Dubai has spent a lot of resources and effort in establishing the relevant authorities as well as the numerous law reforms to make Dubai an environment that is conducive for doing business and develop a framework to accommodate the country's ambitious aspirations.