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Dubai ClimateThe city of Dubai is positioned on a coastal strip bordered by desert and gets very dried up on the hottest days and humid. Pleasant weather occurs when it is around 20 Celsius lasts from the end of September to beginning of May. Be prepared for cold night temperatures because the temperature at night is usually from 10-16 Celsius during winter. In May, June, July, August and September, the scorching sun can omit such highly intensifying temperatures that it can reach 45 degrees Celsius in the city (and even much higher in the desert)! The heat coupled with reasonable humidity near the coast effectively precludes most activity outdoors for the daylight hours during summer time.

It generally rains a lot from December to April and it is possible to hit rain levels of 10 cm (5 in). However, some years experienced no more than a few minutes of shower in Dubai. In November of the year 2006, rain level hits up to 50 cm of rain with temperatures going down to record low.

Despite the scorching temperature of Dubai, there are many places you can visit to play and at the same time enjoy the cooling temperature.

Recently, Dubai has built an indoor ski centre of its own. The indoor ski is located in the Mall of the Emirates. It is quite noticeable because it acts as a welcome respite and delight for travellers from the heat outside. Besides the ski park, you can visit Wonderland Fun Park. There are many rides and slides, eating stalls, games and most importantly, many interesting water rides. Amazingly, the 12 acres of their park is filled with 30 million litres of water and you wonít see that elsewhere in Dubai. There are numerous water rides which not only entertain but also excite every individual of the family. The most popular one would no doubt be the Breakers Bat. Its powerful machine can creates 1.5 meter tall waves for visitors to enjoy the splash. Thatís only one of the featured water rides as the Wonderland Fun Park has over 23 rides for the visitors to enjoy. Sadly, it is closed on Sundays. On Wednesday, it opens for ladies only and on Thursdays, it open for only Families.

Although the weather in Dubai might be frustrating, you are expected to dress in fashions that will not offence the Muslim community of Dubai.

Ladies especially should be careful with their clothing and they should avoid wearing miniskirts, revealing clothing items like low cut dresses and even pants that are of a very tight fit. Normal western swimwear is acceptable at Dubai hotel swimming pools and at the beach (with the exception of thongs). Ladies should keep their top on at all times as being topless is not tolerated in Dubai. People should not walk outside in their swimwear as this is frowned upon.

Men have more liberal options when it comes to what clothing they should wear. Please do remember that men are expected to wear shirts in public and they should not walk around without any shirt in public as this would be considered to be extremely rude.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to "survive" and cope with the burning climate in Dubai very easily.