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Dubai MuseumSo if anyone is interested to make his trip more informative, he should definitely visit the Museums in Dubai.

Museums may seem dull and boring especially to youngsters. But, it must be remembered that the essence of any country's culture and the true record of history can only be sourced through its museums. The good news is: Dubai museums are not boring but rather, itís a fun and interesting experience to explore the museums.

The national museum of Dubai that is located in one of the most ancient buildings of Dubai is constructed in the year 1787. Although this museum records the construction and official inauguration in the year 1971-dated 12th of May, Dubai National Museum is considered to be one of the best Museums in Dubai. It has a fascinating collection of military and cultural artifacts. Dubai is a rich cultural hub and the Museums in Dubai are the strong pillars that are preserving the heritage of Dubai. While travelling to Dubai, visitors should visit a few Dubai Museums to understand about the ancient history of Dubai.

As mentioned earlier, the Dubai National Museum was inaugurated officially on 12 th May, 1971 and it was being built inside the ruins of Al Fahidi Fort. This museum speaks the history and culture of Dubai. It mainly preserves the artifacts that very well portray the different aspects of Social, Economic and Professional life of the residents of ancient Dubai. Besides that, it also has a vast and remarkable collection of pottery made of stone and metals. You can also examine the stone engravings, and skeletons that were founded during the archaeological explorations.

The aim of the Dubai National Museum was to exhibit the Emirate's traditional life. It displays the aerial photographs, musical instruments used on earlier days such as flutes and bagpipes. Not only that, but, the potent weapons such as the spears and shields are also seen to be preserved carefully in the Museum.

In the museum, you will find many colorful and evocative dioramas complete with life-size figures. The lightning and sound effects are also being set up to further illustrate the pre-oil days. The collection of artifacts makes the history come alive in front of you. The social, economic and professional lives that must have existed in previous times are thoroughly depicted. Apart from these artifacts, the galleries recreate the magical effect of the scenes of lives near the creek and how it would be looked liked in the past.

There are more masterpieces indicating the creek looks, traditional Arab houses, desert and marine life to look at. They provide such extensive information about Dubai past that it would hold any man in awe. Additionally, the majestic artifacts and other archeological objects like pottery, stones and metallic items are exhibited in Dubai museum. Few things including skeletons are placed well that were explored and taken out during archeological excavations. Moreover, housewives and wedding finery all are placed to show the Dubai culture.

After all, it's not a bad idea to visit Dubai's museums because you will have a deeper understand of Dubai culture and its old traditions. The museums of Dubai definitely deserve a visit.