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Dubai RestaurantsThe finest restaurants in Dubai are mostly located inside the luxury hotels and are often the most popular because they are probably the only restaurants that have an special alcohol licence. You might not be aware that the restaurants in Dubai are not allowed to sell alcohol without an alcohol license. Should they be found selling it, they will be heavily punished by the Dubai laws.

However, there are many excellent restaurants in the city that are certainly worth visiting even if you are not able to indulge in a bottle of wine. There is a big buffet culture in Dubai with many hotel restaurants providing all you can eat and drink buffets with a huge variety of food offered from all over the world. There's also a lot of well-known franchises around too, so don't be surprised when spot something you're familiar with.

Let's take a look at a few award winning restaurants that you should patronise before you leave Dubai.

Sea World - If you’re not too fussy about the environment and appreciate good seafood, then Sea World is well worth your visit. The menus boasts one of the widest collections of seafood in Dubai such as flower crabs, giant squids, sea basses, mullets, soles, halibuts and not mention the tasty mussels. If you're after a simple meal, you can order the halwayoo. The crispy calamari is also impressive and works well when accompanied by a bountiful bowl of stir-fried vegetables stirred with soy sauce.

Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab – With a brilliant submarine-style elevator at the entrance of the restaurant, it is surrounded by a huge aquarium and your marine adventure comes complete with a range of underwater delicacies including black-tip reef sharks. Once you have devoured the flavoured bread rolls, followed by the halibut, with deep-friend courgettes marinated with a thick, creamy mushroom and champagne sauce. You can finish it with the ultimate follow-up, the chocolate sphere. It's a favourite spot for couples because they could enjoy the breath taking underwater view while indulging in the delicious seafood.

Waterside Seafood Restaurant & Terrace, Al Murooj Rotana: If you are a fish-lover, you must not miss this restaurant because it has everything any fish-lover would come to expect. The staffs are attentive and are always ready to attend to your needs. You can expect the service to match the supreme quality food. Although the small waterway that runs through the Al Marooj seems like a moat around the outside decking area, the food will definitely make you want to come back and sample for more.

If you are in for Asian cuisine, you should head to the Buddha Bar in the Grosvenor House Hotel. As you enter, you will be greeted by several bowing waitresses who will show you the way to the bar or straight to your table. The restaurant is big, which spread across two floors. The main dining area is being overlooked by a stunning 15ft tall Buddha. The beautifully crafted ceiling has numerous classical red chandeliers dangling down from above. The restaurant is dark and is mainly lit by little red candles. There are lots of secluded little coves as well as a sushi bar with Japanese low seating all around. It picks the best of many different Asian cuisines. More Dubai restaurants to choose from while staying in there.