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Dubai Ski & SnowDubai Ski is probably the largest and most popular indoor ski facility in the world. It spans a total of 22,500m2 and it is covered with real snow all year round. In a city which seldom rains, a gigantic ski slope is simply cool and mind blowing. Built in the year 2005, it is part of the gigantic Mall of the Emirates which is the largest mall in Dubai. Ski Dubai allows tourists to engage in winter sports in between sun bathing on the beaches, a fascinating experience that is unavailable elsewhere.

The complex has five ski runs each with a different difficulty levels and varying height and gradient. For experienced skiers, the Dubai Ski is heaven. According to the international rating system, it has the world's first ever black run which is the most challenging slopes to ski on and it will proven to be challenging even for the best snowboarders. The Freestyle zone is a must-go for snowboarders as it allows you to try out the most daring stunts on a variety of slopes.

The two major sections at Dubai Ski are the Slope and Snow Park. The Snow Park is a huge 3000 m2 facility that makes it the largest indoor snow park in the world. When you enter the Snow Park you are allowed to play there for an unlimited period of time but once you exit the premise you aren't allowed to re-enter. The area has different games and kids love running around and having snow ball fights and making snowmen. Winter sports such as bobsledding, tobogganing are available, making it ideal for non-skiers or snowboarders.

Besides that, the Ski Dubai facility also has its Alpine themed cafes that serve mouth-watering food. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the ski slope at the St Moritz Café or the Avalanche Café which is situated at the entrance and mid-station of the whole ski park. Don't worry if you didn't bring any equipment because most of the people visiting are beginners and have no idea what to bring as well.

Entry prices start at 115 Dhs, which includes equipment hire, jacket, skis, trousers, boots and even disposable socks. A peak-day slope pass will cost 220 Dhs for adults and 170 Dhs for children. Training lessons starts at 140 Dhs for a 90-minute group lesson and moves up to 300 dirhams (L47) for an hour's private tuition.

Hence, there are plenty of equipments to choose from and extensive training provided by the professionals. It may be a little pricey to some but I can assure you it would be well worth it. Even if that’s the case, you should bring another Sweatshirt, a scarf, some gloves and if possible a hat, because it is really cold inside. It's around 4 degrees Celsius (like winter), which means a big difference of 30 degrees Celsius inside and outside of the ski park.

There are a couple of top Dubai hotels situated very closely to the Ski Dubai complex. However, the best option for those who want to experience an Alpine adventure in Dubai, there is a hotel which is located within the Mall complex as it offers stunning scenic views of the ski slopes.